TDK's High Current Digital POL Converter iJB Series


TDK Corporation announces the successful development of the iJB series of high current POL converters to be marketed under the TDK-Lambda brand. TDK-Lambda Corporation will begin shipping samples in April 2014.

The spread of cloud computing services and the smart grid has resulted in a drastic increase in the volume of information that requires transmission, sharing, and storage. Accordingly, the ICT infrastructure equipment that is used for these purposes must handle larger data volumes, placing higher demands on processing power and speed. Semiconductor devices used in such equipment are rapidly evolving towards lower voltage operation, higher current handling, and higher speeds. The power supplies that provide energy to these devices therefore also must be rated for higher currents.

The iJB series can provide an output current of 60 amperes, while requiring a mounting space of only one square inch. This represents current density on an industry-leading level. Optimization of components has resulted in higher efficiency, enabling high current output also in high temperature environments.

Digital control allows highly accurate voltage setting (±0.5%), and PM Bus support enables real-time monitoring of input voltage, input current, internal temperature, and other parameters. This greatly facilitates system optimization by the customer. In addition, the products are equipped with function setting pins, making them easy to use also in applications where PM Bus communication is not implemented.

The iJB series products are POL converters that can deliver the highest current among products of the DPA System Solution product family (power supplies for Distributed Power Architecture) promoted by TDK-Lambda. Together with the PML series and other POL converters, they form an extensive product lineup that can meet the diversified needs of customers.

* As of April 2014, according to TDK data

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