Rohm Semiconductor Acquires Powervation


NEW YORK – Analog IC manufacturer Rohm has acquired digital power IC company Powervation for approximately $70 million in cash. The deal will bolster Rohm's share of the power market as high density systems increasingly call for a digital power.

One of Powervation's best-selling chips is a proprietary DSP control platform with advanced power management and precision telemetry/control for multi-rail, multi-phase systems. The acquisition will also allow Rohm to develop advanced digital power solutions for a broader range of markets and applications using Powervation's flexible controller platform.

Powervation will become a fully owned subsidiary of Rohm with principal design center in Cork, Ireland and system application centers in San Jose, Calif. and Asia.

— Jessica Lipsky, Associate Editor, EE TimesCircle me on Google+


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