ECOMOS TM high efficiency MOSFETs for DC/DC power supplies

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The increasing performance of PCs and servers increases power consumption,  resulting in higher temperatures and decreased battery life. In answer to this ROHM

has developed the ECOMOSTM RMW series of high efficiency, low power consumption MOSFETs optimized for high performance DC/DC power supply circuits.
Next-generation element processes and a wireless package maximizes performance, while a high heat dissipation design increases package power and current handling capability.


Key Feature 1 : Low ON resistance + low capacitance

An original low-capacitance structure minimizes switching loss at the high side of DC/DC synchronous rectification circuits while simultaneously ensuring low ON resistance characteristics for decreased conduction loss through the low side.
This results in increased efficiency throughout the entire system. In addition, the performance index of RDS(on)

Qgd is 40% higher than competitor models.

Process Trend

Key Feature 2 : Industry's highest efficiency

ROHM's ultra-high efficiency characteristics contribute to

lower power consumption in DC/DC power supply circuits,

while high frequency synchronous rectification operation

decreases the size of peripheral circuitry.
In addition, in order to guarantee performance in synchronous rectification circuits Rg and UIS are tested 100%.

Output Current vs. Efficiency

Key Feature 3 : High heat dissipation PSOP8 package

A low capacitance, low ON resistance element is encapsulated in a high heat dissipation PSOP8 package

(5.0 to 6.0 to 0.9mm) for greater power- and current-handling capability.
In addition, a wireless configuration reduces the inductance component at high frequencies, resulting in lower loss.



PCs (notebooks, tablets, desktop), servers, network devices, gaming systems, power supply modules, and more


Part No. Package VDES(V) VGSS(V) ID(A) RDS(on) Typ.(m) Qg(nC)
VGS=10V VGS=4.5V
RMW280N03 PSOP8 30 20 28 2.0 2.7 27.0 11.0
RMW200N03 20 3.0 4.0 14.4 5.5
RMW180N03 18 4.0 5.5 12.2 4.7
RMW150N03 15 6.5 9.0 8.0 3.0
RMW130N03 13 9.0 12.6 6.2 2.6
* Compatible with a range of applications, including high and low side circuits

ROHM utilizes proprietary, next-generation technologies to develop products optimized to customer needs.
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