LAPIS Semiconductor's 8bit FLASH Microcontrollers Features are Ideal for Small Single Phase DC Motor Control

No External Components = reduced board area and lower system cost
High Accuracy minimizes rotational variations in single-phase fan motors

LAPIS Semiconductor Co., Ltd., a ROHM Group Company, is introducing a family of 8-bit microcontrollers optimized for single phase DC motor control while being applicable in many general purpose applications.


The ML610Q101 and ML610Q102 are microcontrollers that have peripherals and features that are optimized to control small single phase DC motors so that the motors operate more efficiently and quieter than with previously available controllers. The features have been optimized for precisely controlling the rotation and speed of single-phase fans and motors, with few external components, in electrically noisy environments, which are typically found in Industrial Equipment and Computing environments.

The industry-leading high-accuracy internal oscillator and multiple timers are used to reduce rotational speed variations, thus reducing audible noise. With built in hysteresis, the differential comparator*1 allows the monitoring of a Hall element on the motor to determine motor speed and direction, allowing for precise speed control. Hall elements are less expensive and smaller than comparable Hall effect sensors. Additional features include a compact 16pin package 4mm X 4mm, making them ideal for the smallest fans, and high noise immunity (tested to ±30kV in IEC61000-4-2 noise testing*2), making them ideal for applications with demanding electrical environmental noise requirements.

Microcontrollers Block Diagram

In recent years, the demand for smaller and smaller electronic equipment has grown. PCs and servers are an example of these products and they require more and smaller cooling fan motors. CPU servers that process large amounts of data often utilize multiple cooling fans. If there are variations in the rotational speed of each fan, audible, and undesirable, noise can be generated due to differences in the motor frequencies. Also, during the normal operation of fans large changes in current in the motor coil generates electromagnetic noise that can upset control and other electronics. Overcoming these obstacles requires that the features available in these small microcontrollers offer high electrical noise immunity and precise rotational control.

In response to the demands of the market, LAPIS Semiconductor has developed an integrated oscillator circuit and a voltage regulator for the internal power supply that do not require external capacitors, resistors or crystals. The benefits are: a two-fold improvement in oscillator accuracy compared with previously available conventional methods– the highest accuracy available in the industry, and a reduction in board space because no external components are required. The high accuracy oscillator circuit allows for minimal rotational variations and precise speed when controlling single-phase fan motors. The six 8 bit timers allow the software to provide quiet, high efficiency motor performance through soft switching*3.

Multiple Cooling Fans

Reduced external components and the careful design and layout of the devices have enabled high noise immunity, making it possible to operate through ±30kV discharges, which exceeds the measurement limit of Class 4 (±15kV), the highest class defined by the IEC61000-4-2 standard established by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission). This makes the devices suitable for use in industrial equipment, especially in high electrical noise environments like motor control.

To make it easy for you to evaluate the ML610Q101 or ML610Q102, a complete design and evaluation environment is available. The environment includes a ML610Q102 reference board and software development and debug tools. Documents relevant to these devices are available from this website

Development Tools

Key Features

  • Based on LAPIS Semiconductor's original high-performance 8bit RISC core
  • High-accuracy oscillator (8.192MHz): ±1% (25°C), ±2% (-10°C to +85°C), ±2.5% (-40°C to +85°C) (No Crystal Required)
  • No external capacitors for internal power supply required
  • 4kB Flash (ML610Q101), 6kB Flash (ML610Q102)
  • 256B RAM
  • 8bit timer x 6 (8bit timer x 2 can be used as a 16bit timer)
  • 16bit PWM x 1 with dead time suitable for motor control (16.384MHz)
  • Hysteresis comparator with reference voltage and differential input switching
  • Comparator with reference voltage
  • 6ch x 10bit Successive Approximation ADC
  • Power supply voltage monitoring circuit
  • Operating frequency: 30kHz to 8.4MHz
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to 85°C
  • Power supply voltage: 2.7V to 5.5V
  • Packages: SSOP16, WQFN16


Part Numbers: ML610Q101-NNNxxZ0A ML610Q102-NNNxxZ0A
Sample Availability: Available NOW
Reference Board: Available NOW
Price (Distribution): ML610Q101-NNNMBZ0ATL $0.45 @ 10KU | ML610Q102-NNNMBZ0ATL $0.50 @ 10KU
Mass Production: xx = MB = SSOP16: Available January 2014 | xx = G = WQFN16: Available January 2014

Single-Phase Fan Motor Controllers, Home Appliances, Industrial Equipment, LED Lighting Controllers, Battery Charger Controllers, and others

*1: Hysteresis differential comparator
A circuit designed to detect faint signals from a Hall element, which generates a voltage proportional to a magnetic field. It can remove noise and stably detect the switching of magnetic poles.
*2: Measured via indirect discharge on LAPIS Semiconductor's reference board
*3: Soft switching
A conduction method that improves efficiency and reduces magnetic noise generated from the motor coil by smoothly increasing/decreasing the current to the motor coil during magnetic pole switching.


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