Sulfuration-resistant Chip Resistors (TRR Series)

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Sulfuration-resistant Chip Resistors (TRR Series)


A proprietary structure utilizing a sulfuration-resistant membrane is adopted that prevents sulfur gas from penetrating, ensuring superior sulfidation resistance.

A broad lineup is offered in a range of sizes (from 1005 to 3216) and resistances, including jumper types.

<External Dimensions>
Part No. Size L W
TRR01 1005 1.0 0.5 0.35
TRR03 1608 1.6 0.8 0.45
TRR10 2012 2.0 1.25 0.55
TRR18 3216 3.2 1.6 0.55
External Dimensions


  1. Ideal for sulfur-rich environments
  2. Protective sulfuration-resistant membrane prevents sulfur gas penetration


■Sulfuration Test Results
Sulfuration Test Results


Circuits exposed to sulfurated environments, such as automotive systems, control panels, and power supplies


Part No. Size Rated Power Max. Element Voltage (70ºC) Resistance Tolerance Resistance Range (Ω) Operating Temp.
TRR01MZPJ 1005 1/16W 50V J(±5%) 1~10M - 55~+155
TRR01MZPF F(±1%) 10~2.2M
TRR03EZPJ 1608 1/10W 50V J(±5%) 1~10M
TRR03EZPF F(±1%) 10~10M
TRR10EZPJ 2012 1/8W 150V J(±5%) 1~10M
TRR10EZPF F(±1%) 10~2.2M
TRR18EZPJ 3216 1/4W 200V J(±5%) 1~10M
TRR18EZPF F(±1%) 10~2.2M

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