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ROHM Group Business Conduct Guidelines

ROHM Group Business Conduct Guidelines ROHM Group Business Conduct Guidelines

The ROHM Group translates its Business Conduct Guidelines, which clarify basic ethical rules that must be observed in daily business activities, into seven languages and promotes their use at all group companies. In addition, opportunities for employee education at the company, such as workshops and legal e-learning, along with awareness-raising activities are offered to increase and ensure compliance. ROHM has also established basic ethics policies as an ethics standard that must be followed by all members of the ROHM Group. In FY 2014, department workshops were held and education and awareness programs conducted during the month of October, which has been designated CSR Month.

ROHM Group Business Conduct Guidelines

Compliance hotline

ROHM has set up a compliance hotline for providing consultations and receiving non-compliance reports from all employees, including non-regular employees working at any of ROHM's companies in Japan. This allows swift assessment of compliance breaches and enables ROHM to take appropriate measures. Compliance hotlines have also been established at overseas affiliates and set up for business partners at ROHM Headquarters and major domestic production companies. In FY 2015, ROHM installed whistle-blowing liaisons at outside law office for domestic group companies to increase transparency of the compliance hotline system.

Compliance hotline for business partners

Strengthening internal education and awareness activities

Legal Guidebook Legal Guidebook

In addition to level-based compliance seminars for everyone from new recruits to group leaders, assistant managers, and managers, ROHM continuously holds internal compliance education activities, including workshops based on individual themes such as the Personal Information Protection Law, the Antitrust Law, the Subcontract Act, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act (to prevent insider trading), and Product Liability Law, as well as provide legal e-learning and other classes for employees.
To respond to the compliance education needs of employees, a Legal Guidebook (Japan) and Compliance Training Program (overseas) were prepared and are being used as educational tools.
ROHM also implemented workplace re-education activities during October (CSR Month) using tools such as the Legal Guidebook following last year.

Comprehensive anti-corruption (bribery prevention) measures

The ROHM Group established Regulation on Prevention of Bribery and aims to eliminate corruption in all affiliated companies in Japan and overseas. In addition to conducting bribery prevention briefings in level-based training courses at ROHM Headquarters.