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CSR Management

CSR-related decision-making and responsibility

In the ROHM Group, the CSR Committee, comprised of all thedirectors and division heads with their respective rights, fulfills responsibilities for CSR themes that spans the entire Group, such as the environment, society, and governance, with ROHM's President as the Committee Chairman. The CSR Committee includes seven subcommittees that make decisions based on discussions about objectives, plans, and performance in each area. Resolutions determined by the CSR Committee are conveyed to ROHM's internal divisions and group affiliates through the seven subcommittees then executed accordingly. Each member of the seven subcommittees is appointed by the respective committee chairperson at the same time the annual implementation plan is established, after which they begin fulfilling their duties. The CSR Office acts as both an office for managing the CSR Committee and a liaison with outside auditing organizations for CSR-related topics.

Corporate Governance System Diagram

A Management System That Conforms to International Standards

At the ROHM Group, in order to maintain objectivity for evaluating our endeavors and achievements to realize the plan we have set for ourselves, external auditing by a third-party organization is being carried out. This external auditing refers to the auditing outlined in "Management System Verification and CustomerRequests," stated in the list below titled "Acquisition and Operational Status."
We have obtained management system certification for fields such as quality control, the environment, occupational safety and hygiene, and information security, and carried out internal auditing that in turn is being examined by an external auditor. Moreover, independent management systems were developed, including the implementation of internal auditing as well as client auditing related to EICC, and they are being audited separately by an external auditor.
These results are then studied by the CSR committee, and the next goal and plan are decided. In this way, the PDCA cycle of CSRmanagement is being managed by taking into account the objective evaluation from third-party organizations.

Management System Acquisition and Operating Status

Theme Management System Verification and Customer Requests Acquisition Status
Product Quality ISO9001 All ROHM Group companies are ISO 9001 certied, while key production bases have also obtained ISO/TS 16949 certication.
(Quality of
The Environment ISO14001 Each company in the ROHM Group has built a management
system that is compliant with or based on ISO 14001.※3
Occupational Health and Safety OHSAS18001 ROHM obtained certication in 2013.
Major bases in Japan and four overseas production plants have obtained certication.
Information Security ISO/IEC27001 ROHM obtained certication in July 2013.
Labor, Health and Safety,
The Environment, and
Ethics Management System
EICC※1 VAPaudit※2 ROHM Group production companies receive audits from a third-party organization every two years.

※1 EICC:Short for Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition, an organization and its norms comprised primarily of electronic device related manufacturers and major suppliers.
※2 VAPaudit:VAP refers to "Validated Audit Process." This is a third-party audit for compliance with the EICC Code of Conduct.
※3 domestic affiliates and ROHM Korea Corporation have received third-party certification as an integrated system. Overseas Group companies have created a self-reporting environment management system based on the ISO14001 standard.

Certification of Quality and Environmental