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Automotive  Semiconductor Switches
IPD Switches Provide Greater Reliability, Safety and Longer Life

Conventionally, in order to construct safe vehicle systems that take into account functional safety, fuses are adopted as a countermeasure against overcurrent flow during system failure in automotive ECUs. However, issues related to aging and maintenance after fusing (meltdown) have increased the demand in recent years for intelligent power devices (IPDs).

IPDs are semiconductor-based devices that protect electronic circuits from breakdown (i.e. due to overcurrent during abnormalities). Unlike conventional fuses, semiconductor fuses can protect circuits without degrading or breaking down, making it possible to achieve maintenance-free systems.

ROHM offers AEC-Q100 qualified IPD switches for the automotive sector that integrate Open Circuit Protection, Thermal Shutdown, and Open Load Detection functions.
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Featured Products & Solutions
Nano Series Utilizes Power Supply Technologies

Revolutionary power supply technologies that leverage analog expertise cultivated over many years are used to achieve greater miniaturization and energy savings.

The Nano Series, developed using our integrated production system in which all processes, from development to products, are performed in-house, consists of power supply ICs designed to meet current and future market needs.
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SiC MOSFETs: Behavior of Gate-Source Voltage in a Bridge Configuration

As part of our examination of " SiC MOSFET: Behavior of Gate-Source Voltage in Bridge Configuration", in this article we explain the bridge configuration, including its uses and operation.
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Featured Videos
Low Quiescent Current Automotive LDOs

To meet the rapidly evolving needs of the automotive market, ROHM offers a broad lineup of AEC-Q101 qualified LDOs optimized for battery-connected applications requiring extremely low quiescent current.
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ROHM's BM61 Series of 3750VRMS Automotive Gate Drivers

ROHM’s BM61S41RFV-C automotive-grade gate driver provides an isolation voltage of 3750V, I/O delay time of 65ns, and a minimum input pulse width of 60ns. Additional features include a compact 3.5mmx10.2mmx1.9mm form factor along with UVLO and Miller clamp functionality.
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ROHM Support
AC/DC Converter ICs

Select the optimal IC based on power supply method, output power, features, and other factors.
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Evaluation boards make it easy to evaluate ROHMs broad portfolio of SiC Schottky barrier diodes (SBD's), SiC MOSFET's, full SiC power modules (which integrate SiC SBDs and MOSFETs), and high heat resistance power modules.
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October 11-15, 2020
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