Digital DC-DC Controller Technology with Real-Time Adaptive Control


We developed a multi-processor system on chip (SOC) architecture for its digital power management solutions, consisting of an ultra-lean proprietary dual-core processor (DSP and RISC), memory blocks (RAM and non-volatile memory), power conversion blocks, SMBus serial interface and original DSS®, analog interfaces (ADC and DAC), and timing sources (oscillator and phase lock loop).

This mixed-signal digital power management controller, with its onboard processing power and memory, combines power management and mixed-signal functions, and is able to store and run computational algorithms in firmware. The architecture also allows the digital controllers to be extremely flexible in their configuration, and for users to easily store (in memory) a large number of parameters used in the design of switch mode power supplies – thus maximizing configuration flexibility while eliminating external components.

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System on Chip platform using DSP, RISC,
NVM, and RAM to enable advanced
power management solutions.

Configuration & flexibility. Streamline
inventory management. Tunable
for needs of application.

Intuitive design tool makes digital
power design easy and enables
rapid prototyping & design.