The latent power of SiC is brought to life through our passionate engineers.

Extremely rare in nature, naturally occurring SiC was first discovered in trace amounts in meteorites dating back over 4.6 billion years ago, much older than our solar system.

Eventually, it became possible to synthesize SiC with superior semiconductor properties. But the process proved to be extremely difficult, with several obstacles that hampered mass production and baffled even the top researchers in the world.

ROHM began pioneering the mass production of SiC power devices in the 1990s. At the time, high-quality SiC wafers were quite scarce, and in the absence of a well-equipped research environment, ROHM went on daily excursions to research facilities through-out the country to conduct experiments. But ROHM engineers continued to persevere, and even as the state of the global economy worsened they dedicated themselves to improving the production line and creating original testing methodology while increasing processing accuracy, culminating in the world's first successful mass production of SiC DMOS in 2010.This moment was a perfect example of passion coming to fruition for the betterment of society.

ROHM will continue to meet new challenges. As a leader in SiC power devices, we are committed to reaching even higher standards of quality and expanding research over a broad range of fields.

SiC power device

What are SiC Power Devices?

SiC is a compound semiconductor composed of silicon (Si) and carbon (C).Manufacturing involves a difficult process that requires extremely high heat to produce crystals. SiC power devices can convert power much more efficiently than conventional semiconductors, reducing heat generated during conversion and making it possible to dramatically reduce energy consumption while contributing to greater miniaturization – including for the cooling system.
It is particularly suited for large power conversion, where its performance advantages can be seen, and as a result, is being increasingly adopted in the industrial equipment, mega solar, EV, and consumer AC fields.

SiC pioneer ROHM produces the world's first
SiC-DMOS (2010) and full SiC modules (2012)

As the industry leader in SiC power device technology, ROHM was the first supplier in the world to manufacture SiC-DMOS. In 2012, ROHM began full-scale production of full SiC power modules comprised entirely of SiC power elements such as MOSFETs and Schottky barrier diodes, and in 2015 ROHM produced the first trench-type MOSFETs, in which a groove (trench) is created on the surface of the chip substrate and the gate of the MOSFET formed on the sidewall.

High quality・high reliability device

High quality, high reliability devices manufactured using
ROHM's original vertically integrated production system

In pursuit of its corporate mission of 'Quality First', ROHM established a vertically integrated production system for SiC. And in 2009 Germany-based SiCrystal, Europe's largest SiC single crystal wafer manufacturer, joined the ROHM Group. ROHM's proprietary system allows all processes, from wafer fabrication to dies, lead frames, and packaging, to be developed within the ROHM Group, ensuring a stable supply of high quality products.

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