Sensors Expo 18

Sense The Future with ROHM


McEnery Convention Center
San Jose, CA 95113
Booth# 516


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ROHM, together with group companies Kionix and LAPIS Semiconductor, offers a wide range of sensor products and solutions optimized for a variety of design and application needs, from current, temperature, and pressure sensors to heart rate sensors, combo mag-gyro sensors, accelerometers, and low-power MCUs. Sub-GHz and Bluetooth® modules are also available that provide wireless communication for sensor nodes in smart factories. In addition, ROHM has teamed up with ACCESS to create sensor solutions for industrial IoT, partnered with Intersil to develop a reference design for long-range distance sensing, and collaborated with Livestrong and Equate Health to achieve an accurate wearable optical heart rate monitor. Below are some of our featured products and demos.

featured solutions

embedded devices


Sensor Node

embedded devices


Highlighted products

Hall Effect Sensor
Temperature Sensor
Heart Rate Sensor
Ambient Light Sensor
MI Sensor
IR Sensor
Color Sensor
Pressure Sensor
Proximity Sensor
Bluetooth Low Energy
Sensor Platform Evaluation Kit
Low Power MCU
Low Noise Op-Amp

Interactive Demos


electric usage monitor

Uses ROHM’s new current sensor to simplify power consumption measurement.


Cold chain solution

Uses LAPIS's low power MCU datalogger to monitor temperature and unexpected damage (acceleromter) to packages within a cold chain enviornment.


ROKi sensor platform evk

The ROKi Sensor Platform EVK provides rapid HW evaluation, IoT proof-of-concept, data collection, driver implementation, and algorithms in a friendly easy-to-use platform.


color sorting robot

Utilizes high accuracy CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) obtained from ROHM's color sensor, this demo features a robot arm that automatically sorts balls by color.


blood pressure monitor

Demonstrates blood pressure monitoring using ROHM's high precision optical heart rate sensor.


long-range distance sensing

Demonstrates a collaborated reference design capable of long-range distance sensing that combines ROHM's VCSEL with Intersil's time of flight controller.


machine health monitoring

ROHM offers complete IoT solutions for the industrial equipment sector that is expected to radically transform management and response by enabling equipment monitoring in real time.


test your strength

Showcases the use of relative barometric pressure monitoring in a fun carnival game. Come test your strength at our booth and win a prize!

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