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Come, visit us at Sensors Expo 2019 as ROHM, together with group company Kionix, showcase the latest sensors and solutions optimized for a variety of design and application needs. A wide range of products will be on display, from ambient light sensors, capacitive switch controller ICs, and accelerometers to a contactless current sensor and waterproof pressure sensor – highlighted by a breakthrough earthquake detection sensor module. Below are some of our featured solutions and demos.

featured solutions


  • Infrastructures
  • Distribution boards
  • Lighting equipment
  • Vending machines
  • Elevators
  • Traffic lights
  • Logistics/carrier device
  • Communication network
  • Warehouse/buildings
  • Factory/plants

ROHM developed the seismometer module capable of calculating the seismic intensity value (SI) based on the Japan Meteorological Agency’s (JMA) intensity scale to accurately determine if an earthquake is occurring. The core is comprised of a high quality MEMS accelerometer from Kionix that can detect high g (up to 50g) at high frequency (8kHz), along with ROHM’s MCU containing a proprietary algorithm proven to be 98% accurate during testing.



RoKix-Kionix IoT prototyping and development platform


IoT Prototyping & Development Platform

ROHM and Kionix have teamed up to offer the RoKiX IoT prototyping and development platform that makes it easy to evaluate sensor hardware, develop and deploy algorithms, and configure IoT systems for quick prototyping and proof-of-concept studies. We are giving away 3 boards at the show. Please visit our booth for more details.


Interactive Demos


High Power VCSEL

ROHM offers a broad lineup of Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser Diodes ideal for any laser diode applications that demand a small form factor. Offered in 850 and 950nm variants from 200mW to 2W, enabling support for a variety of applications.


particulate detector

Combines ROHM’s laser diode with optical photo detector to detect PM2.5 (particulate matter with a diameter less than 2.5 micrometers) using scattered light. The intensity of this scattering correlates to the number particulates measured.


Capacitive Touch Appliance

ROHM’s capacitive switch controller ICs include LED dimming, hold and auto calibration along with control functions such as noise, offset, and temp drift cancellation to ensure high accuracy operation.


Waterproof Pressure Sensor

This next-generation pressure sensor is housed in a gel sealed, waterproof package that meets IEC60529 IPx8 standards for waterproof performance.


Race track

Test your skill at slot car racing while learning about Kionix and ROHM sensors. RoKiX wireless sensor nodes mounted on the cars and racetrack infrastructure will livestream sensor data during the race to demonstrate the wide range of applications these sensors can support.



This demo showcases Kionix’s KX126 featuring an onboard pedometer that allows users to add pedometer functionality to wearable applications without having to program or generate any algorithms on the host side.


Smart drill

This smart drill prevents kickback to the user’s arm by cutting off power to the drill once kickback is detected using Kionix devices with next- generation Advanced Datapath (or ADP) that enables vibration detection without the need to add filters.


Capacitive Level Sensor

Uses ROHM’s capacitive touch sensor ICs to perform water level measurements in a tank of liquid.

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