Evaluation Kits

The ROHM Group offers evaluation kits and tools that support application and software development.

ROHM Sensor Evaluation Kits

ROHM sensor evaluation kits integrate a variety of ROHM Group sensors. The included sensor expansion boards are compatible with Arduino Uno. Support materials such as manuals and app notes, along with development software, can be downloaded from a dedicated website to facilitate development of modules using sensors and wireless ICs.


  • Broad sensor lineup
  • Sensor expansion board compatible with Arduino Uno and Lazurite
  • Supporting materials, including documents and development software, are available online


  • Sensor Evaluation and Initial Set Development
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Electronic Circuits and Training Materials
  • Application Example Using an Arduino Uno Board

    Application Example Using an Arduino Uno Board - Arduino Uno/Lazurite
  • Sensor Evaluation Application

    Sensor Evaluation Application

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Broad range of sensor kits

No. Sensor Type Name image
1 Accelerometer KX022-1020 KX022-1020
2 Pressure Sensor BM1383GLV BM1383GLV
3 Magnetometer BM1422GMV BM1422GMV
4 Ambient Light Proximity Sensor RPR-0521RS RPR-0521RS
5 Color Sensor BH1745NUC BH1745NUC
6 Hall IC BD7411G BD7411G
7 Temperature Sensor BD1020HFV BD1020HFV
8 Ultraviolet Sensor ML8511A ML8511A

ROHM Sensor Medal

ROHM's sensor medal is a wearable device that utilizes proprietary human sensing technology. Multiple sensors instantaneously sense the wearer's movement, activities, and location, and can communicate with information terminals.

image - ROHM Sensor Medal concept


  • Ideal for initial development using multiple sensors
  • Provides distinctive sensor applications
  • Low power consumption


  • Wearable Devices
  • High-performance Smart Watches
  • Machine Health Monitoring Devices

Supports Multiple Applications on a Compact Board

Supports Multiple Applications on a Compact Board

  • Low Power Consumption Platform

    Low Power Consumption Platform
  • Functions