ROHM's Multi-Sensor Platform Solutions

ROHM provides a Sensor Platform Kit and new Sensor Shield that allow users to easily evaluate ROHM sensors and develop sensor-based applications.

Sensor Platform Kit
(First Generation)

Multi-Sensor Shield
(New Generation)

Sensor Platform Kit-First Generation

The Sensor Platform Kit was originally created as a way to promote ROHM's sensor products. The baseboard + breakout board configuration makes it possible to quickly evaluate sensor data on the go as well as add individual sensors by simply wiring the necessary sensor breakout boards to the user's end design.

Multi-Sensor Shield-New Generation

Developed based on feedback received from the Sensor Platform Kit, the Sensor Shield integrates multiple sensors on a compact Arduino-compatible board that enables easy connection to any evaluation kit with a shield interface header.

ROHM Sensor Evaluation Kit

ROHM's new Sensor Evaluation Kit is an Arduino Uno and mbed compatible shield that allows connection of up to 8 different sensor boards, making it ideal for initial set development, prototyping, or as a tool for learning about sensors. The versatile design makes it easy to mix and match different sensors based on application requirements.

SENSORSHLD1-EVK-101 SensorShield-EVK-001
6 Sensors 10 Sensors 8 Sensors
Breakout Boards Available No Breakout Boards Breakout Boards Available
Base Board Included Arduino Shield Interface Arduino Shield Interface
$60 $94 $120
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Sensors List

  Digital Ambient Light Sensor  
BH1721FVC –-– –-–
  Analog Ambient Light Sensor  
BH1620FVC –-– –-–
  Optical Proximity + Ambient Light Sensor  
–-– RPR-0521 RPR-0521
  Omnipolar Hall Sensor  
BU52011HFV BU52014HFV
(With Polarity Discrimination)
  Temperature Sensor  
BDE0600G BDE0600G BD1020HFV
  UV Sensor  
ML8511 ML8511 ML8511
  Barometric Pressure Sensor  
–-– BM1383AGLV BM1383AGLV
  Geomagnetic Sensor  
–-– BM1422GMV BM1422GMV
  Color Sensor  
–-– BH1745 BH1745
–-– KX122-1037/1048 KX022-1020
  Accel-Mag Combo Sensor  
KMX61 KMX62 –-–
  Accel-Gyro Combo Sensor  
–-– KXG03 –-–
Sensor Solutions
Sensor Catalog Vol. 2