Wireless Charging Technology

Wireless charging technology is becoming increasingly popular in the mobile device sector by eliminating power cords, providing the ability to send power and even data across multiple interfaces. In addition, wireless charging is expected to increase convenience and decrease waste by allowing multiple devices to use a single charger. Removing cords and connectors translates to improved safety, size, and reliability - as well as a better user experience. Standards organizations such as Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) and Air Fuel exist to develop and promote international standards for wireless charging that are gradually being introduced in the smartphone and infrastructure markets in the US and Europe. As a regular member of WPC, ROHM actively participates from the development stage of WPC's increasingly popular Qi standard and has been quick to develop products that meet market needs. ROHM leads the industry in product development, including reference designs with integrated wireless charge control IC that have already obtained Qi certification. ROHM offers a broad portfolio of wireless charging products for wireless power solutions. For more detailed information, login to MyROHM to view support materials such as datasheets, diagrams, user manuals, and more.

15W-class wireless charge Qi certified transmission (BD57020MWV-EVK-002) and receiver (BD57015GWL-EVK-002) reference boards are now available for purchase online.
The BD57020MWV-EVK-002 and BD57015GWL-EVK-002 integrate ROHM's wireless charge control IC and LAPIS Semiconductor's low-power MCU, making it easy to achieve a Qi medium power certified wireless charger by simply using both receiver and transmitter boards. In addition, Qi certification enables intercompatibility with other Qi-certified devices.


[Note] Manual (old version)

Rev. 002

ROHM released "BD57015GWL-EVK-002"(Rx). Please refer to the user's manual for the BD57015GWL-EVK-001 below.