36V 2ch Stepper Motor Driver - BD63888AEKV

BD63888AEKV is a bipolar low-consumption driver that driven by PWM constant current. Rated power supply voltage of the device is 36 V, and rated output current is 1.5 A. CLK-IN drive mode is adopted for input interface, and excitation mode is corresponding to FULL STEP mode, HALF STEP mode (2 types) and QUARTER STEP mode via a built-in DAC. The power supply can be driven by one single system, which simplifies the design.

* This is a standard-grade product.
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User's Guide

RAGU User's Guide (EN)
The RAGU is Evaluation Tool controls the stepping motor driver IC to demonstrate and evaluate its functions.

Application Note

Thermal Resistance
The definition and how to use thermal resistance and thermal characterization parameter of packages for ROHM’s integrated circuit are described in this application note.
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