BD63860EFV - Tools

BD63860EFV has the 3-bit DAC, and is designed to operate bipolar stepper motors in eighth-step modes. As for its basic function, it is a low power consumption bipolar PWM constant current-drive driver with power supply's rated voltage of 36V and rated output current of 2.5A peak. For the input interface, the CLK-IN drive mode. There are excitation modes of FULL STEP, HALF STEP, QUATER STEP and EIGHTH STEP mode, and for current decay mode, the ratio of FAST DECAY & SLOW DECAY can be freely set, so the optimum control conditions for every motor can be realized. In addition, being able to drive with one system of power supply makes contribution to the set design's getting easy.

* This is a standard-grade product.
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HTSSOP-B28 Footprint / Symbol
PCB footprint / symbol library data (".bxl" file) that supports Schematic Symbol and PCB Footprint Pattern