Built-in LCD Driver Dot Matrix type 32bit MCUs (Industrial Grade)
Built-in LCD Driver Dot Matrix type 32bit MCUs (Industrial Grade)

Built-in LCD Driver Dot Matrix type 32bit MCUs (Industrial Grade)

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      32bit MCUs for USB / Security
      32bit ML630Q400

      Arm and Cortex are registered trademarks of Arm Limited (or its subsidiaries) in the EU and other countries.


      ML630Q464/ML630Q466 System Block Diagram

      ML630Q464/ML630Q466 is a high-performance low power 32-bit microcontroller.
      Equipped with a 32-bit CPU core Cortex-M0+, it implements a 128KB flash memory, 16KB RAM,rich peripheral circuits,such as USB Full speed device, synchronous serial port, UART,I2C bus interface, supply voltage level detect circuit, RC oscillation type A/D converter,successive approximation type A/D converter,and LCD driver.In addition,it has a data Flash memory area writable by software and a function to rewrite the program area from software.


      Features1Low Power Consumption

      • Achieves a low current consumption of 0.8 µA at Halt Mode and 250 µA/MHz during normal operation, making it ideal for battery power applications

      Features 2Multiple Peripherals

      • Supports a variety of communication methods,including USB2.0 Full Speed, I2C, UART, and SSIO. 2 types of AD converters are built in (RC and SA), along with an LCD driver, making them ideal for data loggers. Also integrates AES and a random number generator necessary for security applications.

      Features 3High Noise Immunity

      • Clears ±30kV* during IEC 61000-4-2 electrostatic noise testing, ensuring high noise tolerance.
        *Measured by indirect discharge using LAPIS Technology's reference board


      Applicable application of "ML620Q400 / ML620Q500", a high performance and ultra low current consumption microcontroller equipped with U16 Core.

      The ML620Q400 and ML620Q500 are ideal for a variety of application, from compact battery-driven devices including electronic shelf labels and thermostats to industrial equipment including home appliances, HEMS monitors, smart grid, meters.