Normal type 8bit MCUs (Industrial Grade)

Normal type 8bit MCUs (Industrial Grade)

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      Speech Playback MCUs
      Sound algorithms
      HQ-ADPCM、4bitADPCM2、8bitPCM(non-linear / straight),16bitPCM(straigh)

      8bit ML610Q300

      HQ-ADPCM is a high quality audio compression technology developed by Ky’s.
      Ky’s is a registered trademark of Kyushu Institute of Technology.Applicable Models:ML610Q305/ML610Q306


      ML610Q3xx CMOS MCUs with speech output function utilizes a proprietary 8bit U8 core to achieve superior performance.
      A hardware-based high fidelity voise playback function and high output speaker amp make it possible to provide voice functionality on a single chip, improving audio quality, simplifying control, and maximizing MCU performance.
      The optimized combination of high fidelity speech playback functionality, low power high performance U8 core CPU, 3V/5V compatible power supply, and multiple peripheral control functions make it possible to provide speech playback operation in a variety of applications, from battery-equipped to AC-powered devices.

      Speech output function on a single chip.
      Reduce external components, space saving and improve the reliability

      Speech output function on a single chip. Reduce external components, space saving and improve the reliability Speech output function on a single chip. Reduce external components, space saving and improve the reliability

      Product Features

      Feature 1Speech output function on a single chip

      Features 1 of ML610Q300
      • Low-pass filter reduces noise
      • Sound algorithms: HQ-ADPCM*1,4bit ADPCM2,8bit PCM (non-linear/straight),16bit PCM (straight)
      • 1W speaker amplifler (@5V)
      • Power supply voltage range: 2.0V to 5.5V
        *1: Excluding ML610Q304

      Feature 2High fidelity, high compression HQ-ADPCM makes it possible to reduce memory capacity

      ML610Q305 and ML610Q306 adopt the newly developed high fidelity, high compression sound algorithm HQ-ADPCM that provides a clearer sound and richer audio range while reducing data size compared with conventional ADPCM, providing a more comfortable listening experience. For example, melodies and sound effects that are degraded with ADPCM and cannot be played with uncompressed PCM can be compressed with HQ-ADPCM, ensuring superior sound quality while reducing memory capacity. Up to 80% compression is possible vs.
      4bit ADPCM and 20% compared with 16bit ADPCM.

      Feature 3Easy speech playback

      Speech Playback ConditionsSound Code Data Request Interrupt Time*3
      16bit PCM at 16kHz250µS
      • *1 : For ML610Q304
      • *2 : For ML610Q305/ML610Q306
      • *3 : Time from full FIFO to empty
      • Achieves speech playback functionality by simply setting sound code data in the sound regist
      • Integrating 16-byte*1/32-byte*2 FIFO into the sound register makes it possible to extend the interval between sound code data request interrupts


      The ML610Q300 provides speech playback solutions for dry cell batteries and AC-powered devices.

      The ML610Q300 are ideal for a variety of application, from compact battery-driven devices including digital thermometers and health care products to AC-driven devices including security devices, housing equipment and home appliances.

      speech synthesis utility (Speech LSI Tools)

      Easy development with LAPIS Technology's speech synthesis utillty

      Run the 'Speech LSI Tools' program on a PC to create sound code data using a speech playback MCU.
      Speech LSI Tools include a Wave Editor that makes it easy to change (i.e. fade in/out), cut, and connect original sound data (WAVE files) as well as a Speech LSI Utility capable of editing phrases and converting WAVE files to the HQ-ADPCM and ADPCM2 formats.

      Speech LSI Tools Operating Environment

      • ・Microsoft® ・Windows
        Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
        Note: Compatible with 32bit (x86)/64bit (x64) environments
      • Processor and memory
        Set up according to OS requirements
      • Hard disk space
        1GB usable HDD space
      • Audio
        Windows compatible sound card and speakers
      • USB Port
        Note: Program data is developed separately in the LEXIDE-U16 integrated development environment.