CSL1104WBA (New)
Ultra compact 0603 Size, High Intensity Reflector Type White LED

The CSL1104WB is a white LED that achieves a high luminous intensity of 2.0 cd in an ultra-compact 0603 size. This ultra-compact product contributes to space saving of applications. Since high-density mounting is possible, it also contributes to improving design, such as enabling blackout expression of panels. Color variation is the issue for white LEDs, but this product has improved this and subdivided the chromaticity rank system. This simplifies the color adjustment process and reduces application development effort.

Product Detail

Part Number | CSL1104WBAW1
Status | Recommended
Package | CSL1104
Unit Quantity | 3000
Minimum Package Quantity | 3000
Packing Type | Taping
RoHS | Yes


Package Type


LED Type


Package size[mm]


Emitting color


Luminous Intensity(Single)(Typ.)[mcd]


Number of Brightness Rank


Chromaticity coordinates(x,y)

(0.281, 0.247)

Forward Voltage VF (Typ.) [V]


IF @ VF [mA]


Chip Structure


Power Dissipation [mW]


Operating Temperature[°C]

-40 to 110

Storage Temperature [°C]

-40 to 110


  • 0603 compact size
  • High intensity reflector type
  • Improved color variation

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