• What is the naming convention of your product?
    (For example, difference between shipment with written program product and blank product, etc.)
    • The naming convention of general microcontroller products by Lapis is as follows.
      Example: ML610Q482P-NNN...


      (1) ML610 indicates an 8-bit microcontroller. There are also ML62x (16-bit microcontroller) and ML63x (32-bit microcontroller).
      (2) "Q" indicates a flash microcontroller. "Q" is not attached for mask ROM.
      (3) Product unique code number.
      (4) "P" indicates industrial application. "P" is not attached for general civil application.
      (5) "-" is a punctuator.
      (6) "NNN" indicates a blank product with no written ROM code. When shipped with written program code supplied by the customer, a three digits ROM code number is entered instead of NNN.
      Alphanumeric characters after above indicates a package symbol and packing format.

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    • Products: General-purpose MCUs (16bit) , Speech playback MCUs (8bit)