• What are merits and demerits of the RC oscillation type and discharge time measurement?
    Why did Lapis adopt the RC oscillation type?
    • The merit of RC oscillation type is that resolution and measurement time in a trade-off relationship can be adjusted, because the count value can be changed with a program.
      In the discharge time measurement, a measurement time is determined by the time constant of an external RC, and resolution is determined by the clock frequency. To adjust a measurement time with a program, it is necessary to switch RC with an external part.
      Though the consumption current also depends on the sampling time of RC oscillation type, the consumption current is considered generally less for the discharge time measurement than the RC oscillation type.
      Lapis has been adopting the RC oscillation type is because of the merit described above. Also, Lapis has been using the RC oscillation type since the time of 4-bit MCU 20 years ago, and accumulated its technological know-hows.

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