• What are the allowable levels for ripple voltage and current?
    • The allowable ripple voltage must take a sine wave shape (see below). For other waveform types, please contact a ROHM representative.
      The permissible temperature increase due to ripple voltage/current is 5ºC max. At temperatures above this level the dielectric will begin to deteriorate, resulting in possible short-circuits.

      In order to determine the limits for the allowable ripple voltage at high temperatures, please refer to the following formulas:
      E=allowable ripple voltage
      E Max.(at50ºC)=0.7×E Max.(at 25ºC)
      E Max.(at85ºC)=0.5×E Max.(at 25ºC)
      E Max.(at125ºC)=0.3×E Max.(at 25ºC)