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  • What factors need to be taken into consideration when connecting SiC MOSFETs in series?
    • - The ground isolation of The upper device can only guarantee The dielectric withstand voltage
      - A floating power supply is required for series gate voltages
      - When connected in series, since The temperature coefficient of The on resistance is positive, in order to prevent thermal runaway it is necessary to consider sufficient derating
      - taking into account product variations
      - When used as A single high voltage switch in series it is recommended to implement appropriate voltage dividing measures such as inserting A large resistance in parallel
      - The switch timing must be matched to prevent destruction due to breakdown voltage
    • Products: SiC Power Devices , SiC MOSFET , SiC MOSFET Bare Die
  • Why is there undershoot/overshoot of the gate signal during SiC device drive?
    • The effects of parasitic capacitance and inductance on the board can be considered a type of LC resonance. Please confirm the following items.
      1) External resistance connected to the gate drive circuit
      2) Output capacitance of the gate drive circuit
      3) Parasitic inductance of the gate drive circuit wiring
      4) SiC MOSFET gate capacitance
      5) Internal gate resistance of hte SiC MOSFET etc.
      When the resistance is small the overshoot/undershoot peak value will increase and prolong the ringing decay time.
      Also, when the capacitance is large the peak value deceases, slowing down the switching speed.
      Plus, a larger inductance will cause the inductance to rise.
    • Products: SiC Power Devices , SiC MOSFET , SiC Power Module , SiC MOSFET Bare Die
  • Is a negative bias required for the gate drive voltage in SiC MOSFETs and modules?
    • When the drain potential increases in the FET OFF state, there is a chance that the gate potential will rise due to the effects of AC coupling of the gate-drain capacitance.
      A typical example is a bridge drive connected in series.
      In order to prevent short-circuit damage due to erroneous ON, we recommend using negative bias.
      Gate potential rise can also be mitigated by adding gate-source capacitance.
      In addition, connecting a Miller clamp MOSFET between the gate and source can prevent an increase in gate potential through reliable short-circuit operation.
      However, please note that malfunctions may occur when driving the Miller clamp MOSFET due to noise.
    • Products: SiC Power Devices , SiC MOSFET , SiC Power Module , SiC MOSFET Bare Die
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