"Social Device" Special Interview

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IoT is Pioneering a New Era in Manufacturing:Innovative Technologies Accelerate the Fusion of Automation and Information Improving Efficiency is a Corporate Responsibility Facilitated by Engineer Support and Innovative Technology What’s Next in Cars After Electrics? Key Evolutionary Developments Drive Technology



Social Device Special Discussion Social innovation to be realized with advanced technology



Social Device Special Interview The New Society Shaped by Advanced Technology
IoT Transforms Industry and Daily Life Advances in Sensing Technology Accelerating Adoption IoT is Driving a Quiet Revolution in Society Solving Tough Challenges Means Pioneering New Markets



Creating the Society of Tomorrow The Technology Revolution
Japanese Agriculture Evolving with ICT — Fueled by New Collaborations that Cross Traditional Boundaries Evolving into a Low-Consumption, Sustainable Society — Technology for Higher Efficiency and Smaller Solutions Automobiles and Electronics Evolving Together — Transforming Society through a Fusion of Advanced Technologies



The Technology Creating Tomorrow's World
Medical Electronics Helping to Resolve Global Problems Next-Gen Power Semiconductors Drive the Technology Revolution Enhancing Energy Management in the Construction Industry Battery-Free Wireless Communication Technology Part of the Solution Social Awareness Rising Together with New Infrastructure Technologies