World's biggest supplier of board-mounted power chooses Powervation

Fabless IC firm Powervation, headquartered in Cork, has successfully launched its first mainstream product, the PV3012, a dual-phase digital DC/DC controller for use in networks and complex IT applications where loads are imprecise, and/or variable, and where the power supply parameter drifts over time or with changes in temperature.

Already, the PV3012 controller is being used as a component by Murata Power Solutions, the world's biggest supplier of board-mounted power. Murata's Product Marketing Manager Henry Lee said: "We are developing the first total-system solution, a true ‘Plug-and-Power' digital DC/DC converter with ±0.50% output voltage reporting accuracy and that supports PMBus commands.

Powervation's real-time adaptive loop compensation technology makes things simple and reliable – it works straight out of the box."

A spin-out from the Circuits & Systems Research Centre (CSRC) at University of Limerick in 2006, Powervation has €20m of investment riding on the success of its products. The company's VC backers include the Taiwanese semiconductor foundry TSMC, a world leader in IC manufacture.

Powervation first gained access to TSMC's services via the Europractice IC programme, run by IMEC at the University of Ghent. The programme allows fab-less IC companies to produce small batches of prototype chips in a costeffective way by sharing IC wafer space with each other.