Ultra-low ohmic jumper chip resistors (PMR Jumper Series)

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Ultra-low ohmic jumper chip resistors (PMR Jumper Series)


ROHM's PMR series of ultra-low ohmic chip resistors now includes jumper types
Conduction resistance has been reduced to 0.5mΩ max. (1/100 of conventional), while a proprietary chip structure improves the rated current significantly for more current-handling capability.
Available in a range of sizes, from 1005 Size (0402 inch) to 6432 Size (2512 inch), making them ideal for a variety of applications, including tablet terminals and automotive systems.


  1. Metallic resistive element utilized for low conduction resistance
    0.5mΩ (max.) guaranteed throughout the entire operating temperature range (-55ºC to +155ºC)
  2. Compatible with large currents (20.0A to 63.2A)
  3. Significantly improved anti-sulfuration characteristics
  4. Minimal large current circuit voltage drop and power loss
  5. Loop and power supply line switching during current pathway changes facilitate circuit design.
  6. Simple surface mount design makes it easy to replace jumper leads

Performance Comparison

Performance Comparison


Part No. Size mm (inch) Rated Current Conduction Resistance
 PMR01MZPJ000 1005 (0402) 20.0A 0.5mΩMax.
 PMR03EZPJ000 1608 (0603) 22.4A 0.5mΩMax.
 PMR10EZPJ000 2012 (0805) 31.6A 0.5mΩMax.
 PMR18EZPJ000 3216 (1206) 38.7A 0.5mΩMax.
 PMR25HZPJ000 3225(1210) 44.7A 0.5mΩMax.
 PMR50HZPJ000 5025 (2010) 50.0A 0.5mΩMax.
 PMR100HZPJ000 6432 (2512) 63.2A 0.5mΩMax.


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