Powervation Technologists to Deliver Presentations at Digital Power Forum 2009

Hosted by the Darnell Group, DPF is an international conference focused on the latest innovations in embedded power-conversion technology.  On Monday, Sept. 21, from 10:00 a.m.-12:00 noon, Powervation's vice president, digital control, Anthony Kelly, Ph.D. will speak on "Adaptive Control of DC-DC Converters with Auto-Control®" during Plenary Session 1. On Wednesday, Sept. 23, Powervation's vice president, digital design, Eamon O'Malley, Ph.D. will deliver a paper titled: "Digital Control Scheme for Robust Clock Synchronization and PMW Phase Interleaving in Digital Controller, Multi-POL Applications".

To learn more about Powervation's technology, please visit booth 201 and 203. To schedule a briefing with Powervation executives at DPF, please contact sales@rohmsemi.com.

About Powervation
Powervation provides digital power IC solutions that optimize power-supply performance and efficiencies for manufacturers of electronic systems used in Computing, Networking and Storage applications. The company's Auto-Control® technology brings fully automatic adaptive control to DC-DC conversion for the first time, in a reliable, scalable package that reduces design complexity and cost, and accelerates time-to-market. Powervation maintains corporate offices in Limerick, Ireland, San Jose, Calif. and Hong Kong, PRC. To learn more, please visit www.powervation.com.

Auto-Control® is a registered trademark of Powervation.