Digital Controller Provides Real-Time Adaptive Loop Compensation

Auto-Control is the industry's first and only real-time adaptive loop compensation solution. This patented digital control loop technology optimizes the trade-off between dynamic performance and system stability on a cycle-by-cycle basis without requiring any noise injection or other drawbacks of part-time measurement techniques. This is a key advantage for designs that drive imprecise or variable loads, and addresses the challenges associated with power supply component parameter drift that occurs over temperature and time. This unique approach also relieves power supply designers of the burden of compensation, plant characterization, and reduces total design iterations. Furthermore, Auto-Control readily enables efficiency maximization mode changes such as phase add/drop and light-load modes.

PV3012 delivers voltage precision of ±0.5% over line, load, and the full -40°C to 125°C temperature range. The converter's output can be configured from 0.6 V to 5.5 V using PMBus commands or with an external resistor to access standard and DOSA set-point tables. Phases may be automatically added or removed as the load varies, maximizing efficiency over the load range. Additionally, with Powervation's Digital Stress Share (DSS™) single-wire bus, multiple PV3012 devices can be connected in parallel to securely drive high current multi-phase loads.

PV3012 is a system on chip solution based on a lean DSP/RISC dual-core architecture with a precision data acquisition engine running advanced Auto-Control algorithms in firmware – the result is a high performance and flexible voltage regulator equipped to manage the complex power needs of today's system designers. PV3012 is designed to work with all leading driver and FET solutions to allow the designer maximum flexibility. This feature rich controller provides advanced configuration capabilities and leading protection features while providing a highly integrated solution which reduces component count.

This full suite PMBus compliant controller uses full differential measurements and an 11 bit ADC to provide precision system telemetry of current, voltage, and temperature information, as well as comprehensive fault and warning reporting over SMBus interface. Additionally, to enhance system performance and reliability, PV3012 delivers advanced digitally mapped temperature compensation of key parameters which enables current measurement precision of 3% over the full load range. The PV3012's anti-fuse based non-volatile memory (NVM) is specified from -40°C to 125°C (20 year data retention rating) making the device suited to datacentres and base station applications. Users can configure and store up to eight configuration tables in NVM, which enables single resistor selection of one of eight device/application profiles, with considerable supply chain benefit.

Comments Powervation's Director of Product Marketing, David New: "Working closely with our key customers, has enabled us to develop this next generation digital controller optimized to deliver on the demanding needs of powering complex computing and communications systems. The advanced control capabilities, precision telemetry and flexibility of our digital firmware architecture coupled with our intuitive GUI design tool, delivers a total solution to our customers. Furthermore, this advanced performance is delivered with all the unique benefits of Auto-Control, which eliminates some lengthy iterative design steps and enables them to get designs to market faster.

Designed to power ASICs, FPGAs, processors, and general POLs for networking, communications, server, storage, and advanced power module applications, the RoHS compliant PV3012 is sampling now in 32-lead QFN packaging.

Key Features

  • Single Output, Dual Phase Synchronous Buck Controller
  • Auto-Control Real-Time Adaptive Loop Compensation
  • Automatic, Configurable Phase Drop/Add
  • Precision Measurement and Reporting Telemetry (VOUT, IOUT, VIN, EOUT, Temperature, Duty Cycle, and fSW)
  • ±0.5% Output Voltage Accuracy
  • Output Voltage Tracking, Sequencing, Margining
  • Single-Pin Configuration with Memory for Eight Profile Tables
  • Programmable Fault Protection (OVP, OCP, SCP, LOS, UVLO, OVLO, OTP)
  • Anti-Fuse Based Non-Volatile Memory (NVM)
  • Digital Stress Share (DSS) Single Wire Bus for Multi-Phase Converters
  • Programmable Frequency 250 kHz to 1 MHz
  • 0.6 V to 5.5 V Output
  • SMBus Interface with PMBus Compliant Communication


About Powervation

Powervation ( delivers breakthrough digital power management IC solutions for designers of Computing and Communications power solutions, and other applications that need Point-of-Load power conversion. The company's digital power controllers, based on its patented Auto-Controltechnology, are the industry's first and only real-time adaptive compensation DC/DC controllers which deliver users major benefits in performance, efficiency, reliability, and ease-of-use. Powervation is a private, fabless semiconductor company backed by leading global VCs and is headquartered in Cork, Ireland, with sales/applications offices in San Jose, California and Hong Kong.