Digital Controller has Adaptive Loop

altPowervation, an Ireland-based developer of adaptive digital power ICs, has announced a single phase digital DC-DC controller featuring the company's Auto-Control adaptive
loop compensation technology.

The PV3101 uses a proprietary DSP/RISC dualcore architecture with a precision
data acquisition engine running advanced control and power management algorithms in

altAt the heart of the design is an adaptive loop compensation algorithm, which provides real-time autonomous compensation and is able to modulate the converter's bandwidth on a cycle-by-cycle basis to optimise performance.

It uses full differential voltage, current, and temperature measurements and an 11bit ADC to provide precision measurement (eg ±3% IOUT accuracy over temperature), tight control (eg ±0.5% VOUT over line, load, and temperature), and real-time reporting
of telemetry information for key power-supply parameters.

The company has added features to increase the digital DC-DC controller's light-load efficiency. The controller supports a diode emulation mode that triggers once the converterenters DCM operation, thus preventing the low-side FET from sinking current
when the inductor current ramps down to zero. There is also a pulse skipping mode that reduces highside FET switching losses by eliminating unneeded switching cycles, while still maintaining tight output regulation.

RoHS compliant, the PV3101 is sampling in 32-lead QFN packaging.


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