Design Tool for Control IC Simplifies DC/DC Converter Architecture

Powervation has released the PowerSMART, the setup, monitor, and reporting tool for the design of digital power converters. The design tool is said to allow the communication with and configure the company's PV3012 digital power control ICs from PC and Macintosh platforms using a standard USB connection. It accesses more than 60 parameters and fine-tune the features to specific needs within the GUI environment, with precision claimed to be beyond that of hardware programmed analoguebased solutions. For a single device used in a single- or dual-phase converter, the single mode feature can be used. The software also provides a system mode feature where multiple devices of the company can be used in parallel to control a sixphase converter, and within a common platform to provide power management for multiple rails. The main display page provides a heads-up view of VOUT, VIN, and IOUT against a time axis. The control ICs feature the company's Single Pin Config technology that provides access to eight configuration tables, or profiles, within the IC's non-volatile memory. The design tool features no coding, system management bus interface with PMBus compliant communication, programmable fault protection and warning, phase drop and add thresholds, and output voltage tracking, sequencing, and margining.

Download article as published in EPN, April 2012