BP5872 isolated high power LED driver module

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High efficiency, high power factor LED driver ideal for large LED lighting equipment (i.e. canopy lighting).


ROHM developed a thinner, isolated high power LED driver than its standard BP5870 and added dimming support, enabling compatibility with a wider range of lighting devices.
Additional features include universal input and high efficiency operation, making it possible to easily add value to LED lighting applications of all types.

Key Feature 1 : Thinner form factor results in greater versatility

LEDs tend to be much thinner than conventional lighting products.
ROHM LED drivers feature a thickness of only 15mm - 30% thinner than existing configurations - making them ideally suited for compact LED devices.

Thinner form factor results in greater versatility

Key Feature 2 : Dimming possible via analog input

Dimming over a wide range (10-100%) is easily enabled using analog input.

Dimming possible via analog inputAnalog Dimming Characteristics

Key Feature 3 : PFC circuit built in for a power factor of 0.99

Power factor is heavily influenced by the resistance loss through the transformer windings and supply lines. The BP5872 features an active filter method with built-in PFC circuit that increases the power factor to 0.99, enabling support for high frequencies as well as compliance with IEC61000-3-2.

Input Voltage - Current Waveforms

Key Feature 4 : Pseudo-resonance method utilized for 83% efficiency

A low noise, high efficiency pseudo-resonance switching method is used that minimizes switching loss across the switching MOSFET for improved efficiency.

Switching MOSFET Voltage - Current Waveforms

Electrical Characteristics

*Unless otherwise specified, Vi=AC80 to 264VAVo=45.6VATa=25ºC
Parameter Symbol Standard Unit Remarks
Min. Typ. Max.
Input Voltage Range Vi 80 100 264 VAC 50/60Hz
Input Power Factor   0.90 0.95 - - Vi=AC100V
Output Voltage Range Vo 60 - 91.2 V Io=300mA
Output Current Io 270 300 330 mA -
Output Open Voltage Vopen - - 120 V Io=0mA

Parameter Definitions
Output Voltage Range: The range of output voltages available for constant current output.

External Dimensions

External Dimensions (mm)


Isolated High Power Modules
Part No. Input
[ V ]
[ V ]
[ mA ]
[ mm ]
BP5870 AC80 to 264 30 to 45.6 150 to 2 Output / 300 to 1 Output 210.5 to 30.5 to 27.9 Built-in PFC circuit
Compatible with both 0.5W
and 1W LEDs
Universal input
BP5872 AC80 to 264 60 to 91.2 300 245.5 to 32.5 to 17.6 Built-in PFC circuit
Supports analog dimming
Universal input
BP5873 AC85 to 264 35 to 55 270 to 2 Output 230.5 to 45.5 to 15.9 Built-in PFC circuit
Supports analog dimming
Universal input
BP5875 AC80 to 264 60 to 91.2 300 65 to 130 to 19.2 No external circuit required
Analog dimming function built in
Universal input

☆ : Under Development


. Canopy lighting . Fluorescent Lamp . Signage and more

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