Automotive-Grade CMOS LDO Regulators
BUxxJA2MNVX-C Series

Ultra-Compact Full CMOS LDO Regulators


SSON004R1010 Package

In the rapidly expanding ADAS sector, which includes cameras and sensor modules for data acquisition, there is a demand for greater miniaturization.
In response, ROHM developed the BUxxJA2MNVX-C series of automotive-grade 200mA output full CMOS regulators featuring the smallest form factor on the market (1.0mmx1.0mmx0.6mm).
In addition, low power consumption and superior response are provided, making them ideal not only for ADAS-related devices, but power supplies for vehicle radars and instrument panels as well.

Key Feature 1 : Ultra-compact 1mm² form factor

Mounting Area (vs. Competitor Automotive-Grade Product)

ROHM leverages analog design expertise cultivated over many years along with packaging and process technologies to deliver all LDO regulator characteristics required for automotive applications in an ultra-compact 1mm2 package that reduces mounting area by 55% over conventional 1.5mm square sized products.

Key Feature 2 : Ultra-compact 1mm² form factor

When seeking to minimize IC size, since it's not possible to use high resistance, which will cause the circuit scale to grow, there is a tendency to increase circuit current. Furthermore, there is a need to improve response characteristics (low output voltage load variation) while reducing power consumption to meet the demands of power supply ICs.
The BUxxJA2MNVX-C series utilizes original circuit technologies (i.e. reference voltage circuit, amp circuit) to reduce current consumption by half (35µA) while providing excellent response (65mV load variation).

Low power and high-speed load response in a compact package

Key Feature 3 : Achieves stable operation with external capacitors as low as 0.22µF

Block Diagram

Power supply ICs require an external capacitor as a countermeasure against output voltage variations and oscillations during input fluctuations.
In contrast to conventional products, which require a minimum of 1.0µF, ROHM's latest ICs are capable of providing stable output voltage with only 0.22µF, contributing to greater miniaturization.


Voltage 1.0V 1.2V 1.25V 1.5V 1.8V 2.5V 2.8V 2.85V 3.0V 3.3V
Part No. BU10 BU12 BU1C BU15 BU18 BU25 BU28 BU2J BU30 BU33
BUxxJA2MNVX-C / BUxxJA2VG-C package