60 A PMBus™-Compliant D2D from Bellnix is Another Win for Powervation

altPowervation Ltd. announced the PV3101, the new single phase digital dc-dc controller featuring the company's Auto-Control® adaptive loop compensation technology.

Powervation Ltd. today announced that its PV3012 digital controller has been adopted by Bellnix Co., Ltd. for use in a new low-profile, 60 A DC/DC (D2D) module. The BDP12-0.6S60R0 digital power module is a PMBus-compliant, non-isolated step-down converter that is designed for today's communications and computing applications, and addresses the needs for small form-factor designs while providing high levels of reliability and performance.

altBellnix's 60 A BDP is the first in a series of Bellnix Digital Power modules based on Powervation's digital controller architecture that provides a total power solution in a low-profile, 10mm, form-factor. The 60 A BDP uses Powervation's PV3012 digital two-phase controller, and parallel BDP module operation is supported via Powervation's DSS® current sharing bus. This PMBus-compliant module features precision measurement and telemetry reporting, a full-line of programmable power supply protection features, power good, and optional tracking function, all in a compact 32.8 mm x 23.0 mm ROHS compliant SMD package design.

"The 60A BDP module is the first Bellnix Digital Power module to use Powervation's digital control technology," said Noritaka Kojima, Bellnix's Vice President of Worldwide Sales. "This module features highly accurate control of the output voltage, and the ability to parallel a second BDP module for even higher power delivery requirements. We are planning to release 30A and 90A versions in the future, so that users can combine 30A, 60A, or 90A modules for parallel operation.

"Our low-profile, ultra-small footprint design provides a high efficiency, high-current modular solution that supports the needs of today's space critical applications while providing the benefits and flexibility of a PMBus compliant digital power supply. The 60 A BDP provides high performance with an output voltage accuracy of ±0.5%; our 60 A BDP will support power designers of 28nm, 20nm, 16nm and other advanced process FPGA , ASIC and ASSP solutions," Kojima concluded.

"We are excited to work with a leading power supply module designer such as Bellnix and are impressed with the low-profile, compact design their engineering team has accomplished," commented David New, Powervation's Vice President of Product Marketing. "This high-current Bellnix module takes full advantage of PV3012's dual-phase capability, precision control, and real-time auto-tuning architecture to deliver higher system performance and reliability."

As published in Power Pulse: