ROHM to Acquire a Part of Renesas Shiga Factory (8-Inch Line)

For Use as Main Production Site of Power Semiconductors and Piezoelectric MEMS Devices

Kyoto, Japan - Semiconductor manufacturer ROHM Co., Ltd. (Satoshi Sawamura, President; Headquartered in Kyoto Pref.) has decided to acquire a part of Renesas Shiga factory (8-inch line) from Renesas Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Yoshiyuki Miyamoto, president; Headquartered in Ibaraki Pref.), a wholly owned subsidiary of Renesas Electronics Corporation (Hisao Sakuta, Representative Director, Chairman and CEO; Headquartered in Tokyo). The acquisition is scheduled in February 2016 and planned to be operated by a newly established and wholly owned subsidiary of ROHM. The production line will be utilized to manufacture mainly IGBTs, MOSFETs and piezoelectric MEMS devices. ROHM regards power and sensor devices as one of the four growth engines and is currently developing SiC, IGBT and MEMS products. In light of expanding power and sensor device markets, ROHM will utilize the Shiga Factory as the main production site of power semiconductors and piezoelectric MEMS devices so as to meet strong future demands.

  1. Outline of Renesas Semiconductor Manufacturing's Shiga Factory
    1. Name: Renesas Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shiga Factory
    2. Address: 2-9-1, Seiran, Otsu, Shiga, Japan

  2. Outline of 8-inch line of the Shiga Factory
    1. Production equipment: 0.15μm, 8-inch wafer process
    2. Employees: Approx. 220 (portion scheduled to be transferred to ROHM)
    3. Land: Area: approx. 41,255m2
    4. Building: Area: approx. 15,886m2
    5. Products: IGBT, MOSFET and piezoelectric MEMS related products (sensors, actuators etc.) (plan)
    6. Timing of acquisition: February 2016 (plan)

  3. Outline of the new company
    1. Name: ROHM Shiga Co., Ltd.
    2. Date of establishment: April 20, 2015
    3. Representative: Yasuo Aki, President
    4. Capital: 450 million yen (investment share: ROHM Co., Ltd. 100%)
    5. Employees: To be determined