Compact digital color sensor IC BH1745NUC product information release

Compact high accuracy color sensor IC

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The BH1745NUC I2C-compatible digital color sensor is designed to detect the color components (RGB) in light and convert them digitally. Superior spectral sensitivity, achieved through optimum infrared cutoff characteristics and original optical technology, makes it possible to calculate the color temperature and brightness with a high degree of accuracy - even through low-transmittance optical windows - contributing to greater design freedom.


Key Characteristics

Block Diagram
Block diagram showing the mechanism for detecting the color components (RGB) based on infrared removal characteristics

<Key Characteristics>

  • Supply Voltage Range:2.3 ~ 3.6V
  • Max. Sensitivity:0.005lx / step
  • Operating Current Consumption:130µA (Typ.)
  • Power Down Current Consumption:0.8µA (Typ.)
  • Operating Temperature Range:-40 ~ +85℃

Features:Proprietary optical filter technology ensures excellent spectral sensitivity

Leveraging original infrared removal characteristics and calculation method makes it possible to achieve removal characteristics that reduce the effects of infrared rays by over 10x compared with conventional products.
This enables compatibility with even dark (low transmittance) optical windows that prevents accurate detection when using conventional color sensors.

Comparison between conventional products and ROHM's new product featuring superior spectral sensitivity characteristics


Brightness / Color Adjustment   Increased Design Flexibility   Industrial Application Example

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New Product Bullitin
Compact Digital Color Sensor IC "BH1745NUC"  (336KB)

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