ROHM established software development center in Finland

Kyoto, Japan – ROHM Group Company Kionix, a leading MEMS manufacturer, has announced the opening of a new software development center in Oulu, Finland, to reinforce its design and software development resources and provide additional support for the sensing solution sector, which is expected to be a key area of growth.

The ROHM Group takes advantage of technology and development synergy by combining ROHM's broad sensor IC lineup with LAPIS Semiconductor's market-leading low-power MCUs and Kionix's MEMS technologies and sensor fusion software to provide complete, all-in-one sensor solutions tailored to customer needs.

"As the ROHM Group Companies (ROHM, Kionix and LAPIS Semiconductor) work together in broadening what is already a prominent sensor portfolio, we saw the formation of this R&D center not only as a synergetic initiative, but an opportunity to take advantage of the existing engineering talent in the area," said Nader Sadrzadeh, President & CEO of Kionix. "The contribution from this team will augment our existing R&D centers and further propel our company as a global leader in sensors and sensing solutions."


Address Kiviharjunlenkki 1 90220 Oulu, Finland
Date of Establishment November 1, 2014
Functions Software development and application support for sensor products from ROHM, Kionix, and LAPIS Semiconductor. Development of sensor algorithms, embedded software, and sensor-related applications.