Innovative Wearable Key Device

The novel design integrates multiple sensors, a Bluetooth® LE IC, and low power sensor hub microcontroller into a compact, lightweight form factor

ROHM has recently announced the development of a versatile wearable key device that provides unprecedented functionality, from counting the number of steps taken, estimating the number of calories consumed, and calculating distance to performing lock/unlock operation (via gesture control), detecting small metallic objects (i.e. for food inspection), and monitoring UV exposure. It can even determine when the wearer is walking up/down stairs, on a bicycle, or riding in a train or car.

Most wearable devices on the market are designed to perform simple activity monitoring, such as counting steps or estimating calories burned, and offer very few points of differentiation. ROHM bucks this trend by developing a breakthrough key-shaped device utilizing sensor synergy and sensor fusion technology, combining sensors from ROHM and Kionix with LAPIS Semiconductor's Bluetooth® LE communication IC and sensor hub microcontroller.

Integrated sensors include a 3-in-1 proximity + ambient light sensor + IR LED, optical UV sensor, MEMS accelerometer and gyroscope, piezoresistive barometric pressure sensor, ultra-high sensitivity MI (Magnetic Impedance) sensor, and RGB sensor. Power is provided by an efficient 110mA/hr lithium ion battery that enables continuous operation for over 8 hours while requiring only 1 hour to fully charge (via USB).

Wearable Key Embedded Devices

Key Functions

1. Activity Monitoring
The lightweight form factor makes carrying effortless and unobtrusive. Not only can the device estimate calories burned and count the number of steps taken, it can even detect when the wearer is riding in a vehicle (i.e. bus, train, car) or walking up/down stairs – and track time traveled.

In addition, users can set a daily target for calorie consumption and the device will provide real-time display of calories burned and even deliver alerts and show recommended exercises to meet calorie goals.

Activity Monitoring

2. Gesture Control
Lock and unlock compatible tablets and smartphones by holding the key device and simply drawing a ‘U' or ‘L' in the air, providing greater convenience and peace of mind.

Gesture Control

3. UV Measurement
Attach the device externally around the neck or attached to a belt to measure the amount of UV radiation in order to prevent sunburn or excessive exposure.

UV Measurement

4. Distance Measurement
Point the key at the top of a well-known (preloaded) metropolitan landmark or building in order to instantly obtain the distance and approximate walking time.

UV Measurement

5. Metal Detection
Detect small foreign metal objects in food using the built-in high-sensitivity MI sensor – simply point the device at the food to obtain a reading.

UV Measurement

Block Diagram