Compact Chip LEDs with Lens CSL0701/CSL0801 Series

Compact lens-type chip LEDs ideal for auxiliary auto focus light sources

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Package Adopting a non-spherical lens utilizing CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) and original molding technology makes it possible to provide the power required for auxiliary light sources for auto focus operation in a compact form factor. Both top view and side view types are available for broad compatibility.


Key Features :The non-sperical lens design enables high output, narrow directivity, and increased miniaturization 

① Compact Form Factor
Adopting a spherical lens has made it possible to offer a surface mount lens LED in the class-leading 2924 size (t=1.3mm). This reduces mounting area and height by 65% and 30% (respectively) compared with conventional products, contributing to smaller, thinner sets.

Compact Form Factor

② High Output
A lens design based on CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) was utilized to ensure efficient extraction with minimal waste. The result is 25% greater output in the same size, providing more than enough power for auto focus auxiliary lighting and other applications.

High Output

③ Narrow Directivity
A narrow directivity angle of 12°, along with an optical axis deviation of only ±3°, make them ideal for high-precision applications such as auto focus.

Narrow Directivity

Specifications • Lineup

2 Types Available Both top view (CSL0701) and side view types (CSL0801) are available, enabling selection of the ideal solution based on application requirements.
Parameter Red(UT) Red(UT) Orange(DT) Orange(DT) Infrared(RT) Infrared(RT)
Type Top View CSL0701UT CSL0701DT CSL0701RT
Side View CSL0801UT CSL0801DT CSL0801RT
Lighting Conditions IF=20mA IF=50mA
Forward Voltage VF (V) 2.1 1.6
Output Iv=18cd Iv=35cd le=100mW/sr
Emission Wavelength λD=624nm λD=605nm λP=870nm


●Auxiliary power supplies for AF ( cameras)
●FA equipment, gaming devices
●Sensors, security systems

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