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7 × 17 (119) Dot Matrix LED Driver IC

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Overview : Easily configure colorful information displays and illumination devices

The BD26502GUL integrates a 7ch PMOS high side switch, 17ch constant current circuit, 1/7 time division circuit, and pattern generator on a single chip.
The 1/7 time division circuit and pattern generator enables LED display (7 to 17 dots max.) without using a microcontroller. Full-color display for illumination is also possible (39 dots max.).
Ideal for use with mobile phones, digital appliances, and other electronic equipment utilizing monochromatic displays and illumination functions.

  • Max. 7 to 17 matrix display possible
  • Integrated pattern generator (13 patterns/dot) and
    7 to 17 2-page RAM lighten microcontroller load
  • 8-way scroll function dot scroll function
  • Brightness control
    Individual ON/OFF control via 16-step DAC (0-20mA)
    PWM control (64-step)
  • 39-dot full-color display possible (when using RGB LEDs)
  • Thin, compact WL-CSP
    (VCSP50L4 : 4.1 to 4.1 to 0.55mm max.)
Block Diagram

Key Feature 1 : 13-pattern generator and 8-way automatic scroll functions reduce microcontroller load

A 13-pattern generator with slope function is built in, significantly reducing microcontroller load. All dots can be randomly selected. Compatible with both single- and full-color LEDs for illumination.
Detailed pattern generation using a microcontroller is also possible. In addition, 8-way automatic scrolling (up/down/right/left/upper right/lower right/upper left/lower left) can be configured, further lightening microcontroller load while ensuring colorful display.

13-pattern generator and 8-way automatic scroll functions reduce microcontroller load

Key Feature 2 : Thin, compact package (4.1 to 4.1 to 0.55mm max.) contributes to greater space savings

Offered in a WL-CSP only 0.55mm thick (max.) - equivalent to the thickness of many of the peripheral components such as capacitors and resistors.
This makes it ideal for compact devices including mobile phones and compact LED matrix modules.

Thin, compact WL-CSP

Key Feature 3 : Only one external resistor required

Only one external component (resistor) is required for setting the max. current, unlike conventional solutions that need a referencel voltage filter capacitor and oscillator frequency-setting capacitor. The result is a smaller board size and simpler design.

External Parts Comparison


Part No. Supply
No. of LEDs for
Backlighting /
LED Driver
Other Control
BD26502GUL 2.7 to 5.5 Matrix
Continuous 4 -lamp
operation possible
7 to 17
Matrix Lamps
20.0mA max.
63-step PWM slope function
Automatic scroll function
Slave function
(4.1 to 4.1

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