ROHM Group's fully realized chipset solution provides unsurpassed reliability

ROHM and Lapis Semiconductor offer a market-tested companion chipset for Intel®Atom™ E600 Series processors optimized for embedded devices in a variety of fields

Adopted by Innotech Corp.

EMBOX® T70 Series Ultra-Compact Box-Type PCEMBOX® T70 Series Ultra-Compact Box-Type PC
■Power Supply
  • 1ch DC/DC Controller
  • 4ch DC/DC Regulator
  • 8ch LDO
  • 6ch Load SW
  • 1ch VTT for DDR
  • UQFN88SV0100 (10mm×10mm)

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■Frequency Table
  • 3-line CPU (100MHz)
  • 5-line PCIE (100MHz)
  • 1-line SATA (75MHz)
  • 1-line Graphics (96MHz)
  • USB (48MHz)
  • Ethernet (25MHz)
  • Timer (14.318MHz)
  • Audio (12.288MHz)
  • UQFN88SV0100 (10mm×10mm)

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  • Measurement equipment
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
■Operating Conditions
  • Voltage: 1.2V/2.5V/3.5V
  • Temperature: -40 to +85ºC

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ROHM also provides general-purpose ICs and discrete components

Chipset designs require both general-purpose ICs and discrete components for peripheral circuitry.
ROHM offers total support by providing a variety of discrete devices and ICs optimized for peripheral circuits for chipsets.

INNOTECH CORPORATION Ultra Embedded Type II Module + Carrier board TX-70/T7x
Serial EEPROMs

A unique double-cell structure provides a failsafe method of data retention for unmatched reliability, while a double reset function prevents data miswrites.

Microwire BUS
  BR24xxxx family
BR25xxxx family
BR93xxx family
CMOS Voltage Detector ICs

Features include reliable operation throughout a wide temperature range (-40º to +125º), ±1% detection accuracy, and strength against noise.

Standard CMOS Voltage Detector ICs,

Free Delay Time Setting CMOS Voltage Detector ICs,

Counter Timer Built-in CMOS Voltage Detector ICs,

Low Voltage Standard CMOS Voltage Detector ICs,

Low Voltage Free Delay Time Setting CMOS
Voltage Detector ICs

Small-Signal MOSFET Series

New low-voltage drive processes enable operation from VGS=0.9V, significantly reducing power consumption.

RYB002N05(N), RYM002N05(N)RE1J002YN(N),
RYE002N05(N), RU1J002N05(N), RYU002N05(N),

"(N)" in the part number indicates N Channel type

Ultra-low Ohmic Chip Resistors for Current Detection

A unique resistive element is utilized, resulting in a rated power of 2W in the 6432 (2515) size - ideal for large current detection. In addition, the trimless design reduces inductance while increasing current detection accuracy.


Switching Regulators

A broad lineup is offered, including models with built-in FET, step-up/-down types,
and large-current external FET controllers.

Single-Chip Type with Built-In FET,
Large Current External FET Type
Power Management Switch ICs

Low ON-resistance MOSFETs feature multiple protection circuits on a single chip, resulting in low-loss, high efficiency operation that contributes to safer,
more stable system designs.

High Side Switch ICs for USB Devices and Memory Cards

Element miniaturization improves current efficiency with reduced VF, contributing to improved set efficiency and greater miniaturization.

Chipset for Intel® Atom™ E600 Series Processors for Embedded Applications IOH (Input-Output Hub)
PMICPowerManagementICs CGICClockGeneratorsIC
ReferenceBoard ApplicationExamples


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