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New Products
Collaboration to Create Low Power Wi-SUN
Compatible Sensor Nodes
Ultra-low power consumption and exceptional sensitivity enable continuous, real time monitoring with superior accuracy 
ROHM Semiconductor together with Eta compute will develop unprecedented low power Wireless Smart Ubiquitous Network (Wi-SUN) compatible sensor nodes. The nodes will combine ROHM’s sensor technology and Eta Compute’s low power MCUs to deliver one of the highest performing, lowest power solutions for smart utility networks and the IoT.
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RoKi - IoT Platform
Integrates multiple sensors with Bluetooth®  5/Bluetooth Low Energy SoC

ROHM and Kionix are pleased to introduce the RoKi Sensor Node, a key component in the new RoKi IoT Platform ( The sensor node utilizes Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF52840 Bluetooth® 5/Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE) advanced multiprotocol System-on-Chip (SoC)...

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Arduino Expansion Board Enables Configuration of a Sensor Environment in Only 5 Minutes
Combine with 8 different sensor evaluation boards to facilitate set development for the IoT market

ROHM has announced the availability of a new sensor shield (expansion board) equipped with 8 sensor boards (e.g. accelerometer, barometric pressure, geomagnetic, heart rate sensors, etc.) designed for use with existing open platform MCU boards such as Arduino, and mbed.

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Beat the Heat with ROHM's High-Efficiency IGBTs
Ideal for power-conversion in consumer appliances (air conditioners, UPS systems) New 650V IGBTs Deliver leading-class efficiency with soft-switching

ROHM has announced the availability of 2 new types of 650V IGBTs that combine class-leading low conduction-loss with high-speed switching characteristics.

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The Advantage of a 24:1 Step-Down Ratio at 2 MHz
BD9V100MUF-C: A DC/DC Converter with the Industry's Highest
Step-Down Ratio
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The California High-Speed Rail (CAHSR): A High Speed Train for the 21st Century
With a projected completion date in the 2020s, the high speed train could change California dramatically. With a top speed over 200 miles per hour, the train would provide service far superior to cars and similar vehicle...
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