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New Products
The Industry's First Dual-Mode Batterry Charger IC
The Industry's First Dual-mode Batterry Charger IC
The BD99954GW/MUV generates a charging voltage from 3.07 to 19.2V for 1 to 4 cells through boost-buck control for USBPD. In addition, the industry's first dual-input charging system automatically switches charging operation without an MCU using an original built-in charging adapter function. Support is provided for both USBPD and USB BC 1.2, facilitating configuration of dual-mode systems capable of simultaneous charging via USBPD, wirelessly, or from an AC adapter.
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ROHM Chip Resistors for Current Detection
ROHM chip resistors for current detection
ROHM shunt resistors were developed using metallic material processing technology cultivated over many years to ensure compatibility with a wide range of applications, from portable devices such as smartphones to automotive and industrial systems requiring a greater degree of reliability. This allowed ROHM to adopt a special high performance alloy for the resistive element that provides high accuracy current detection with excellent temperature characteristics.
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Transfer Functions for Converters: Derivation Example for a Step-Down Converter
This is Part 2 of a new chapter on Converter Transfer Functions, where we derive specific transfer functions. This time, we present a derivation example for a step-down converter. Please read this section while referring to the previous chapter as needed.
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Analyzing Elon Musk’s Kill Switch and the Need for Robotics Standards
Analyzing Elon Musk’s Kill Switch and the Need for Robotics Standards
Elon Musk is usually at the forefront of technological innovation and ambitious business models, so it may come as a surprise to some that he is alarmed by Silicon Valley’s accelerating adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics.
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