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New Products

Expanded Series of Ultra-Low-Ohmic Shunt Resistors for Automotive and Industrial Application

Compact designs contribute to improved performance in high power applications
PSR 3W.jpg
The PSR100 series of ultra-low-ohmic shunt resistors feature high-power capability, making them ideal for current measurement in automotive and industrial applications. The resistors adopt a new resistive element based on a high-performance alloy to achieve superior temperature coefficients of resistance (TCR) ranging from 50 ppm to 150 ppm.
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New Buck-Boost Converter from ROHM Provides
1.3x Longer Battery Life
Class-leading current consumption prolongs battery life in battery powered applications
Back boost.jpg
ROHM recently announced the development of a buck-boost DC/DC converter with built-in MOSFET featuring the lowest current consumption in the industry, making it ideal for battery-powered devices including electronic dictionaries, remote controls, and gaming equipment.
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SiC Application Examples

This time, we will present several application examples of SiC MOSFETs. Both previous and prototype-level information will be included, which should help in illustrating their advantages while presenting new opportunities. Application examples of SiC SBDs and full SiC modules will also be shown.

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Arduino Explorer Rover Part 3 – Programming
In Part 1 and Part 2, we built a 6WD Arduino rover. In this final part, we will focus on writing a program for robot control. We already covered a bit of coding in the second part, but that was just to get the motors running. This time we want to get all of the sensor data and maybe even transfer some pictures from the serial camera. Most importantly, however, we want to actually control the rover using an Android phone.
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