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In order to accommodate customer's requests promptly, ROHM is providing the products to distributors all around the world. Please contact following distributors if you need a sample.

Extensive Lineup

ROHM has broad line-up such as ICs, discretes/passives, sensor/power supply/RF modules, and Power schottky barrier diode and Power MOSFET, including SiC power devices.
Over 10 thousands products are available at the website which will be suitable for all the way from consumer, automotive and industrial applications.

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Evaluation Kit

ROHM offers reference or evaluation kit which can be used in the early stage of developing or prototyping process. Will contribute to reducing the design cost by various kit such as Power supply evalution board, sensor platform design kit or MCU reference board.

Evaluation kit images
Available kit:
AC/DC converter, DC/DC converter, Various sensor solutions, 8bit/16bit Low Power MCU

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