Distribution Spotlight

Ultra-High-Efficiency 76V DC/DC Buck Converter

The BD9G341AEFJ 3A variable output voltage DC/DC buck converter with integrated high-power MOSFET features class-leading ON resistance and accuracy along with a wide frequency range (50kHz to 750kHz) and industry-low standby current (10uA max.).

High Brightness Single Rank 1608-Size Chip LEDss

SML-D15 Series

ROHM's SML-D15 single-rank, high-brightness chip LEDs are optimized for applications where multiple LED's are configured side-by-side and consistent brightness is desired.

Compact Digital Color Sensor IC

The BH1745NUC I2C digital color sensor is designed to detect the color components (RGB) in light and convert them to 16bit digital values. Superior spectral sensitivity, achieved through optimum infrared cutoff characteristics and original optical technology, makes it possible to calculate the color temperature and brightness with a high degree of accuracy - even through dark tinted glass windows - contributing to greater design freedom.

Thin Ultra-Compact PICOLEDTM Chip LEDs

SML-P1 Series

ROHM is expanding its industry-leading PICOLEDTM lineup of thin, ultra-compact LEDs optimized for portable devices such as smartphones and wearable tech. 7 new colors have been added to the series, increasing the number of models from 8 to 15, providing greater applicability.

LAPIS Semiconductor Low Power Microcontrollers

LAPIS offers multiple families of Low Power Microcontrollers. These low power consuming, highly code efficient, RISC core microcontrollers range from very small footprint devices that require no external components for timing or power management, to devices that can drive up to 1536 LCD segments of a complex display.These devices are all ideal for products that need long battery life.

Ultra-compact PicoLED™-eco

ROHM has developed the PicoLED™-eco (SML-P11) series of ultra-compact LEDs. Patented technology results in twice the brightness as conventional products in the low current region of 1mA - all from one of the industry's smallest, thinnest packages that are 53% and 74% smaller in area and volume, respectively, than the conventional 1608 (0603) size. Energy consumption is approximately 50% less at the same brightness, and the high reliability four-element structure (AlGaInP) prevents brightness degradation - even after long term, continuous use. These LEDs are available in red, orange, yellow, and green, and their low power consumption makes them ideal for compact portable, battery driven devices.

Silicon Carbide Power MOSFETs


ROHM's silicon carbide power MOSFETs feature on resistance as low as 80 mΩ at 1200V and switching losses that are about 90% less than that of silicon IGBT. High-switching frequency and low-losses allow the use of much smaller magnetics and capacitors and simpler thermal management, resulting in significant reduction in size, weight, and system cost. The SCT2xxxKEC series is rated for 1200V breakdown voltage while SCT2xxxAxx is rated for 650V. SCH2080KEC is the industry's first and only SiC MOSFET with discrete anti-parallel SiC Schottky Barrier Diode integrated in the same package.

DC/DC Converters

DC/DC Converters

Optimized for multi-function, high performance battery-driven portable devices of all types, ROHM's DC/DC converters and controllers (BD8301MUV/BD8303MUV) feature a wide input voltage range and automatic step-up/-down operation for reduced power consumption. High output efficiency is maintained across the entire input range. Only one coil is used and fewer parts are required than conventional Sepic systems contributing to smaller power supply configurations.

ROHM Buck Converters Provide Superior Versatility in a Compact Size

Buck Converters

ROHM's BD9328EFJ and BD9329AEFJ synchronous rectification step-down switching regulators integrate 2 low resistance N-channel MOSFETs and feature high current output over a wide input supply range. In addition, current-mode operation provides fast transient response along with easy phase compensation. An optimized design reduces the number of external components required, minimizing costs.

High-Performance Infrared LEDs Ideal for Proximity Sensing

SIM-030/031ST and SIM-040/041ST surface-mount IR LEDs utilize advanced IR wavelength technology to provide a peak output of 850/870 nm, compared to 950 nm for comparable devices. The 850/870 nm level is much closer to the peak wave sensitivity of phototransistors (sensors), enabling higher efficiency proximity sensing and energy savings of up to 66%. In addition, the small package footprint and low-profile further enhance their applicability in cell phones and other portable devices.

Silicon Carbide Schottky Diodes Provide Breakthrough Performance

The SCS2xxxxx series of high-performance silicon carbide (SiC) Schottky Barrier Diodes (SBD) offer industry-leading low forward voltage and fast recovery time, leading to improved power conversion efficiency in applications. Both low forward voltage and ultra-low switching loss are maintained over a wide operating temperature range. In addition, the diodes feature a breakdown voltage up to 1200V - impossible to achieve in silicon-based SBDs.

PWM Output H-Bridge Driver ICs for DC Brush Motors

ROHM H-bridge motor drivers (BD62xx series) feature integrated power MOSFET drivers, PWM and a VREF analog speed controller.

3ch CMOS LDO Regulators

ROHM's BU665xNUX series of 3ch CMOS LDO regulators provide 200mA output in a combination of voltages. Additional features include excellent noise and load response characteristics with a circuit current of only 120µA in a compact surface mount package (VSON008X2030: 2.0x3.0x0.6mm). Ideal for power supplies in a variety of applications, including logic ICs, RF circuits, and camera modules.

3-pin Step-Down DC/DC Converter Module

The BP5275 DC/DC converter module integrates all required components into a single, compact package, including the control circuit, switching element, coil, and input/output capacitors. This eliminates the need for circuit design, considerably reducing development time. Additional features include synchronous rectification switching operation for up to 92% efficiency high output voltage accuracy (±2%), ideal for high performance applications, and an integrated heat sink that enables high current handling capability (500mA).

High Brightness PLCC2 SML-Z14x4 LEDs

ROHM's SML-Z14x4 series of high brightness LEDs utilizen AlGaInP structure for superior brightness (at 50mA). Operation is guaranteed up to 100°C, making them suitable for automotive applications. Additional features include high wavelength accuracy (±2nm) and a range of selectable colors. Available in a compact, high-power PLCC2 package.

USB Host Audio Decoders

ROHM's BU94501 and BU94502 series USB Host Audio Decoders allow designers to add media playback to their projects, eliminating the need for designing in a detailed processor and firmware specifically for audio decoding.

Stepper Motor Drivers for Optimum Performance

ROHM high-reliability Stepper Motor Drivers (BD638xx/BD642x/BD6290 series)* offer exceptional performance features for printers and copiers, scanners, security cameras, robotics, sewing machines, factory automation and other precision motor control applications. These full-to sixteenth-step Stepper Drivers operate from a 15V, 36V & 45V supply and are available in an ultra-thin, compact package featuring a bottom side heat sink and adjacent pin short protection. A unique Ghost Supply Prevention function is also included that prevents malfunctions, along with voltage, current, and thermal protection for greater reliability.

Thin, High Brightness RGB LEDs: SMLW56 and SMLV56

Thin, High Brightness RGB LEDs: SMLW56 and SMLV56

ROHM offers a new RGB LED (SMLV56RGB1W) featuring high brightness. Original package technology results in the thinnest form factor in the industry, making it possible to configure the LED a longer distance away from the object, resulting in uniform lighting and optimum color mixing.

CMOS LDO Regulators with Automatic Power-Saving Function

ROHM's CMOS LDO regulators (BHxxPB1 Series) feature a proprietary automatic power-saving (APS) function that dynamically switches performance characteristics based on operating conditions. The series combines the benefits of LDOs - small packaging, minimal external components and a simple design process - with very low average power consumption.

Hall Effect ICs with Low Standby Current in Compact Packages

ROHM's Hall Effect ICs (BU52xxx series) for portable applications are available in the industry's smallest chip-scale BGA package. This physical advantage combined with the industry's lowest average current, fully integrated compensation and push-pull CMOS logic output circuitry, make these ICs an attractive alternative to mechanical switches and competitive Hall effect devices. Available in unipolar, omnipolar and bipolar configurations.

High Brightness Chip LEDs with Reflector

The SMLK18WBJ series white LEDs feature the highest brightness in their class (50-150mA). This series offers a high power, high heat dissipation PSML2 package, with integrated reflector. Proprietary technology increases the number of thermal pathways to the substrate, while an exposed copper frame design with high thermal conductivity is utilized for industry-leading brightness in the medium current range: 3-7cd at 90mA.

Current Mode Switching Regulators Optimize Power Efficiency and Performance in Point-of-Load Applications

The BD91x series of step-down switching regulators combine ROHM's proprietary SLLM™ (Simple Light Load Mode) technology with current-mode PWM control to provide exceptional regulation and high efficiency during both low and high-current load conditions.

Pyroelectric Infrared Motion Sensor Amp

Pyroelectric infrared sensors are most commonly used in occupancy sensor applications to control lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment. The BD9251FV pyroelectric infrared sensor amplifier integrates a number of essential components in to a single chip, reducing mounting area, reducing costs and facilitating design. Features include an integrated regulator, high precision opamps and comparators.

Ambient Light Sensor ICs for LCD Display Backlighting

ROHM ambient light sensor (ALS) ICs (BH16xx analog/BH17xx digital) are designed to control the brightness of LED-backlit LCD displays based on ambient light for optimum visibility and energy efficiency. These compact ALS ICs are the ideal choice for LCD-equipped portable devices as well as LCD monitors and high-definition (HDTV) backlight control.

Ground Isolation Amp

ROHM's BA3121F ground isolation amp is compatible with compact external capacitors and eliminates noise generated by wiring resistance in electrical circuits. Additional features include low distortion and high common mode rejection.

300mA CMOS LDO Regulators

ROHMs 300mA CMOS low dropout voltage regulators (BUxxUA3 series) are highly accurate, have excellent power supply noise rejection, very low dropout voltage and consume just microamperes of current in standby and operational modes. They are available in tiny 1mm x 1mm x 0.6mm package, making them ideally suited for battery powered consumer electronic devices.