Cloud Computing Infrastructure

Cloud Computing Infrastructure


We have been working closely with leaders in the computing field to develop advanced solutions for Data Center Servers, Enterprise Servers, High-Performance Computing, & Storage.  Our single and multi-phase digital solutions have been designed to address the needs of many computing power rails for processor (ARM-based, Atom, etc.), PCH, graphics, and DDR memory.

Specially, DDR memory power supplies have to manage a large number of variations in the system; from DIMM loading configuration, variances related to DIMM manufacturer, component tolerances, layout/design, aging, and temperature. DDR memory presents a challenge to power supplies, and their designers.  Our real-time, self-compensating auto-tuning technology, Auto-Control®, has proven to be especially beneficial in the DDR applications, where Powervation Digital Power controllers using Auto-Control have shown an increase in transient performance as compared to traditional fixed compensation analog and digital controllers.

Auto-Control®, is a valuable asset in addressing the needs of computing power rails, improving reliability & performance, and reducing design effort and margin. Our line of PMBus™ compliant products provide a control solution for digital power regulators that enables highly accurate measurement and reporting (telemetry) and intelligent control techniques to reduce power consumption.  Additionally, to support the needs of Intel-based computing power designs, Powervation provides products with SVID commands meeting Intel's VR12 & VR12.5 SVID protocol.



System on Chip platform using DSP, RISC,
NVM, and RAM to enable advanced
power management solutions.

Configuration & flexibility. Streamline
inventory management. Tunable
for needs of application.

Intuitive design tool makes digital
power design easy and enables
rapid prototyping & design.