Digital PWM Controllers Supports Wide Range of Applications




The combination of technology and features provided by our products make them suitable for Cloud Computing and Communications Infrastructure.  These digital power management products address the needs of today's advanced single- and multi-phase synchronous buck converters.  Our products are used in powering general point-of-load (POL) converters, ASICs, FPGAs, microprocessors, graphics, and DDR memory (i.e., DDR3 and DDR4).  The power converters are often "down" solutions, but some designs use our products to support advanced full power module solutions and modular power stages like Power Block.



System on Chip platform using DSP, RISC,
NVM, and RAM to enable advanced
power management solutions.

Configuration & flexibility. Streamline
inventory management. Tunable
for needs of application.

Intuitive design tool makes digital
power design easy and enables
rapid prototyping & design.