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Contribute to solving social issues through our products

In July 2015, Powervation Ltd. (currently ROHM Powervation Ltd.) in Ireland joined the ROHM Group.
ROHM Powervation is a fabless semiconductor company that develops and sells digital power supply control ICs. Combining ROHM's analog technologies with ROHM Powervation's digital technologies makes it possible to deliver a greater number of products to the power supply IC and other markets and improve energy savings by increasing power control efficiency, providing a greater contribution to society.
The ROHM Group will continue to utilize group synergies to help resolve problems for customers, consumers, and society as a whole.

ROHM Powervation and ROHM employees ROHM Powervation and ROHM employees


We are proud of our industry-leading technologies in the field of digital power supply control LSIs. Joining the ROHM Group has allowed us to further accelerate product development and offer solutions that combine digital power supply control technologies.
Increased power efficiency in data centers and other markets is expected to be a major advantage of digital power supply control, making it possible to deliver solutions that help resolve issues in the environment and society in which we live.


Mike Smith

President, ROHM POWERVATION Ltd. Mike Smiith