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Implementing social responsibility throughout the value chain

Promoting Social Responsibility within the Value Chain

2016 ROHM Group CSR Self-Assessment Ratio of partners ranked Photograph taken at the completion of a CSR Procurement Audit Photograph taken at the completion of a CSR Procurement Audit

The ROHM Group rolls out many different activities to be of assistance in CSR and CSR procurement for our business partners. This builds trust and mutual prosperity between ourselves and our clients, with the aim of creating a solid supply chain. Every year, we request self-assessments from each of our business partners through a "CSR Self-Assessment," and we also implement a "CSR Procurement Audit," in which we visit our major business partners.
For the CSR Procurement Audit, we visit the ROHM headquarters and group companies' main customers. We visited 15 companies in FY 2014, 28 companies in FY 2015, and 27 companies in FY 2016 to promote understanding of CSR procurement activities and exchanged ideas and opinions on improving our goal of building a relationship of mutual trust. We plan to visit 24 companies in FY 2017 to further our involvement in this activity.
Before the CSR Procurement Audit, we have been asking our customers to complete a CSR activity self-diagnostic tool called a CSR Self-Assessment every year. In FY 2016, we requested assessments from 1,676 customers based both domestically and overseas and received back responses from them. In FY 2016, in addition to the CSR Procurement Audit, we visited some of our small butimportant customers to discuss the content of their responses to the CSR Self-Assessment and exchanged ideas and opinions.

Response to ensure avoidance of using conflict minerals (conflict-free measures)

Regions with conflict minerals Regions with conflict minerals

A financial reform bill was enacted in the US in July 2010 and then adopted as a regulation by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in August 2012, making it mandatory for listed companies to conduct surveys and submit reports to the SEC on its use of conflict minerals (gold, tin, tantalum, and tungsten; known as 3TG), which are a major source of funds for armed insurgents and rebel forces in Democratic Republic of the Congo and neighboring areas.
To ensure worry-free use of ROHM products by customers, the ROHM Group strives to achieve conflict-free measures at a product-by-product level and pursues due di l igence wi th a cross-organizational working group created under the CSR Committee.

Green procurement – Management of environmentally hazardous substances together with suppliers

The ROHM Group has always shown consideration for the global environment and promoted efforts for the healthy continuation of humankind as the most important issue declared in its environmental policy.
In order to achieve sustainable economic development without destroying the global environment, we need to manufacture recyclable products of lower environmental load. So, the ROHM Group has promoted the manufacture of environmental-friendly products by enforcing compliance efforts throughout the entire supply chain.
The ROHM Group will continue to manufacture environmental-friendly products by further strengthening our management system and deepening mutual understanding between us and our suppliers.