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Culture & Exchange

Culture & Exchange

ROHM Music Foundation

ROHM Music Friends: Musicians who support the ROHM Music Foundation Total of 4,543 musicians ROHM Music Festival Cosponsored by ROHM ROHM Music Festival Cosponsored by ROHM

The ROHM Music Foundation was established in 1991 with the goal of promoting and developing music culture. We cosponsor a wide range of programs to enrich the studying environment of young musicians. These programs include Scholarship Support, with 46 people receiving scholarships in 2016, Scholarship Concerts performed by scholarship students and the Kyoto and International Music Students Festival to cultivate international exchanges and foster young musicians. Our programs also include Music Seminars to foster professional musicians, performances by the Seiji Ozawa Music Academy and the ROHM Music Festival performed by ROHM Music Friends comprised of members who have supported such endeavors, all of whom perform at ROHM Theater Kyoto.
We also support a wide range of music culture through, for example, grants for performances and research related to music (FY 2016 operating cost: well over one billion yen). In 2016, we received the Kyoto City Arts Promotion Award.

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ROHM Music Foundation

ROHM Raku-Raku Classic Series

Since 2014, ROHM has collaborated with the Kyoto Symphony Orchestra and the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra to host a classical music seminar known as the ROHM Raku-Raku Classic Series that provides an opportunity for employees and their families to experience the wonder of classical music.
To date, more than 1,208 employees and the ir families have attended the events.

Exchanges with stakeholders through company tours

Tour of an overseas manufacturing facility Tour of an overseas manufacturing facility

The ROHM Group fosters deeper friendships with local residents, students, employees, and their families by hosting regular tours of its facilities in Japan and overseas.
By providing easy-to-understand explanations of initiatives being undertaken at each facility, we hope to deepen understanding and strive for increased familiarity among stakeholders.